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Galindo’s new book reviewed

You can read a review of Galindo’s new book, Perspectives on Congregational Leadership at the Resource Center website. While there, visit other spots on the website for updates on resources for you and your congregation. Especially if your church is … Continue reading

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Three cheers

An Episcopalian priest played golf regularly with the local Baptist minister and two of his members. The priest kept inviting the Baptists to visit one of his services until they were embarrassed at not having gone. So they committed to … Continue reading

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We could do with some rules around here

Compared to other denominations and faith traditions, Baptists can be rather antinomian. Like many things religious, that can be a blessing and a curse. Dealing with other denominations on matters related to theological education and academic administration can leave me … Continue reading

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Brain Week: Biology of the soul

The final entry for ”Brain Week” is a video of a 2007 roundtable discussion on the topic of “Mind, Brain, and Spirituality: Toward a Biology of the Soul” featuring Martin Bergmann, Siri Hustvedt, Jaak Panksepp, David Pincus, and theolgianThandeka. Please … Continue reading

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St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Today is the feast day of St. Cyril of Jerusalem (315-386) who has one of the best quotes on respecting parents: “For however much we may repay them, yet we can never be to them what they as parents have … Continue reading

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Don’t miss it: “God’s Warriors”

Don’t miss CNN’s upcoming program “God’s Warriors” Correspondent Christiane Amanpour presents a three part (Jewish, Muslim, Christian) documentary in the “God’s Warriors” series that will be airing on CNN at 9 pm Tuesday through Thursday evenings (Aug. 21-23) next week. … Continue reading

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Myths about Penicillin, Bacteria, and Baptism

The following is from the book Myths: Fact and Fiction about Teaching and Learning by Israel Galindo. How well do you know fact from fiction? MYTH: Penicillin kills bacteria. Please like & share:

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Quicumque vult posters

I’ve been reading up on heresies lately. In the course of my readings I was inspired by the words of confession from the Athanasian Creed (also know as the “Quicumque vult”). The creed is authoritative to Catholic, Anglican, and some … Continue reading

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Taking it to the streets: an educational immersion approach

Five members of the Greater Richmond Area Christian Educators (GRACE) peer learning group took a field trip to The Center for Church Understanding of Islam and a local mosque, The Islamic Center of Virginia in November of 2006. The event … Continue reading

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Christendom redux

Theocracies are not new, of course. They spring up all throughout history (and literature), sometimes as a result of a group that sees itself as a “remnant” and splits off from a larger religious culture, and sometimes they come about … Continue reading

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