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Anam Cara

There has been a resurgence in clergy peer learning groups of late. A significant contribution to this has been the funding from the Lilly Foundation that has challenged and enabled denominations to bring about external impetus to the creation of … Continue reading

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How to Plan A Memorable Retreat

One of the most underused, but potentially one of the most transforming, approaches to Christian education formation is the retreat. Often relegated to the area of youth ministry programs (but rarely formatted as a retreat even then) the retreat holds … Continue reading

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Interesting places

Tomorrow marks the official “back to school” mark for me with the requisite faculty “retreat” (that in quotes as there’s nothing akin to a retreat about it. Let’s all just admit that it’s work-related, therefore work). So, summer is officially … Continue reading

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Transformation With Time

This past weekend I headed off with Matthew, my 10 year old son, for a father-son weekend at Camp Piankatank. We’ve been for four years and we always look forward to it. We get to play sports, canoe, swim, practice … Continue reading

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Levels of adult C.E. programming

Someone asked me for a list of congregations who had “strong adult education ministries.” I knew what he was asking, but the more I thought about it, the less able I was to compile a list. I got stuck on … Continue reading

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