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Lenten opinion piece

My colleague, Beth Newman, Professor of Theology and Ethics at Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond wrote a thoughtful Lenten opinion piece for ABP. Read it here. Please like & share:

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People’s motives

Yesterday someone asked me what I meant when I said I �don�t question people�s motives.� I find that engaging in questioning (or second-guessing) the motives people have for doing things is a fruitless exercise. First of all, the cause of … Continue reading

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Vocation or Avocation?

I was given the book, Call 2 Ministry, by Dana Matheson. I’ve just begun the read. The author states in the Introduction, “If after reading this material you realize that God is not leading you into vocational ministry, then I … Continue reading

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You are what you wear (or is it, you wear what you are?)

You know, Baptists just don�t have to worry about any of this, but it may be fun to give a quiz in a pastoral leadership class on clergy liturgical vestments. I always enjoyed visiting Virginia Theological Seminary (Episcopal) and watch … Continue reading

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Blind man poster

I was finished with the posters but tonight decided to use an old sketch for this one. Based on Mark’s account of the healing of the blind man, I tried to capture the reaction and emotion of the man’s experience … Continue reading

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Sacred space?

You can see an interesting pictorial survey of the anatomy of megachurches. The church at which I formally served had a worship room (the �sanctuary�) that has frequently been referred to as an architectural �jewel� for the worship of its … Continue reading

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Hutchings vs. Warren

A friend, following up on a conversation about the currently popular �purpose-driven� phenomenon, wrote: �Noah Hutchings, of the “Watchmen On The Wall” fame, has stated that he sees five fundamentals of the faith that Dr. Warren objects to, namely, 1. … Continue reading

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Religious art posters catalogue

Attached is a catalogue of the posters I’ve been posting on the blog. To see the on-line gallary, go here. (This is a .pdf document. It’s best to right-click and use the “Save as…” option). Please like & share:

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Conservative churches are larger

An observant student said, “If you look at the bigger Baptist churches in Richmond, it seems as though those who are more conservative in nature are growing more than those of a more moderate nature. What makes them more attractive? … Continue reading

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Two new posters

Two new posters have been added to the Art Gallery at the Educational Consultants web site. See a preview of one of them here: Please like & share:

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