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Give me routine!

I had a friend in college who dreaded going home on the weekends. The problem was that he never knew what he’d find in terms of the living decor and arrangements. It seems his mother had a penchant for creative … Continue reading

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Pentecost prayer 2007

When I was in parish ministry I enjoyed writing corporate prayers for worship. Many of those found their way in a collection in the book Let Us Pray. It’s been a while since I’ve written a corporate prayer for worship, … Continue reading

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Getting the right answer wrong

One of the most unfortunate practices I see often in instruction is when a teacher’s goal is to get “right answers” from students. This is not to say that getting your students to get it right is wrong–in fact, it’s … Continue reading

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New blogroll listing

Please note the new listing on the blogroll for Chuck Warnock’s blog, Confessions of a Small-Church Pastor. Chuck is pastor of the Chatham Baptist Church, Chatham, VA. Spend some time on Chuck’s blog and visit the church’s website. You’ll be … Continue reading

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Less is more

When it comes to effective teaching, “less is more.” While the brain is an amazing information and multi-sensory processor, it can only effectively learn one new thing (concept) at a time. The maximum number of “bits of information” the mind … Continue reading

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Veggie Tales, I never knew you

I’ve only watched one Veggie Tales story. It was a televised Christmas special some years ago. I thought it was cute, and well done. It didn’t convince me to change our practice in our church to NOT use videos in … Continue reading

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Christian Reflection Series

The current issue of Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics, published by The Center for Christian Ethics at Baylor University, addresses the issue of Catechism. It contains some very good articles as well as downloadable teaching plans for … Continue reading

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Educators in the second chair

The following article, “Leading From the Second Chair: Christian Education Ministers as Servant Leaders,” was published by Patricia E. Clement in the March 07 issue of Catechetical Leader Magazine, the professional journal for the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership – … Continue reading

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Competence vs. function

One of the concepts I often stress when giving presentations about leadership is that of function. The idea is that leadership is more about providing the function of the position of leader that a system needs at the moment than … Continue reading

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Biblical literacy

I just bought a new bible. Not that I need it. Like most clergy cum seminarians I have about a dozen of them, including my “first bible” given to me upon entering fourth grade. I have my ordination bible, a … Continue reading

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