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Phrases You Should Never Use Around Church Members

We all have that painful memory of a moment when our emotions got the better of us during a moment of reactivity. As soon as we said those words we regretted them, or, if not immediately, then eventually, as the … Continue reading

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The number of the Beast

One of my favorite Advent poems is Yeat’s “The Second Coming,” with its line, “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,/ Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?” Granted, not your typical Advent/Christmas poem. I grew up among … Continue reading

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Three cheers

An Episcopalian priest played golf regularly with the local Baptist minister and two of his members. The priest kept inviting the Baptists to visit one of his services until they were embarrassed at not having gone. So they committed to … Continue reading

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Cynics live longer (or maybe it just feels that way)

I’m not a morning person, and, I’m a glass-half-full kind of person. I long for Lent, a season that fits my demeanor best. Perky bubbly morning persons drive me crazy. Lately I seem to be surrounded by them and their … Continue reading

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The good stuff, or, why did the chicken cross the road?

A student from my January philosophy course recently came by the office to follow up on some lingering questions. It’s always a good sign when a student pursues learning after the conclusion a course. It hints that one has achieved … Continue reading

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What will they say about you?

On a few occasions I’ve engaged in the exercise of writing my own obituary or epitath. The exercise was prompted in seminars or workshops, and on one occasion as part of my orientation as a hospice chaplain. Kierkegaard said “Life … Continue reading

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Caught by surprise

Every once in a while I hear something in church that catches me by surprise. It’s usually not a good surprise, admittedly. More often than not the surprising comment reveals a disconnect between my perception or assumption of church and … Continue reading

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Orthodoxy and orthopraxy

A perennial struggle for religious educators and pastors is finding ways to connect orthodoxy to orthopraxy. Achieving “right belief” (head knowledge) seems so very easy compared to achieving “right behavior.” Too often there is a disconnect between what congregational members … Continue reading

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Going with what you know

I sometimes share with my students the phenomenon of what I’ve come to call “The Jay Leno Jaywalking Effect.” If you’ve ever watched Jay Leno’s man-on-the-street interview segment called “Jaywalking” you’ve seen the phenomenon. Leno will ask a passerby a … Continue reading

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Rethinking consulting

I’ve been doing formal consultation since 1989, when I started Educational Consultants. The venture achieved all the goals I had for it, including covering the college tuition for the boys. While success is its own reward, there’s a downside to … Continue reading

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