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Rick asks about reactivity and being non-anxious

I haven’t heard from Rick in a while, so it was good to get another good systems question from him. Rick asks about the concept of non-anxious presence and reactivity. Specifically, he shared his observation that some people seemed to … Continue reading

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Do not judge

At a recent conference I experienced that situation where an audience member asks a question, you do the best you can to respond on your feet in-the-moment, only to later, after the event is over, come up with a really … Continue reading

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Thoughts on leadership

At a recent conference at which I served on a panel on leadership, the panelists were asked to provide opening comments about our thinking on the topic (my friend Margaret Marcuson also served on that panel. You can read her … Continue reading

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Cut Flowers, Sheilaism, and Other Unsurprising Offspring

Many of us have followed the work being done at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on the religious beliefs of American teens.  “Moralistic therapeutic deism” now rolls off our tongues with growing ease, though it does nothing … Continue reading

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Group Problem-solving Process

One of the most important qualities in any organization is the ability to solve its own problems. Organizations that cannot solve their own problems are in trouble. It won’t take long before they become overwhelmed as one unsolved problem begins … Continue reading

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Protracted adolescence

At a recent conference the dialogue got sidetracked on the question about when the “new middle age” begins (I’ll confess that it was my fault, I begged the question). The participants had fun guessing and throwing out ages from 45 … Continue reading

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Einstein, Quantum Mechanics, and Right Answers

The following is from the book Myths: Fact and Fiction about Teaching and Learning by Israel Galindo. How well do you know fact from fiction? MYTH: Albert Einstein was one of the pioneers of quantum mechanics, and one of the … Continue reading

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Educating Nomads

One of those “Aha!” moments came to me twenty-some years ago while staring at the blank computer screen where Sunday’s sermon should have been making its appearance.  Unfortunately, my thoughts were elsewhere; I had been dealing with the parent of … Continue reading

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