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On Christian vocation.

You are that which you search for

Today was Orientation for the entering students at the seminary. A great bunch of folks. I was intrigued by the diversity in the group, including the span in ages and life experiences. The group served to confirm the reality that … Continue reading

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What are seminarians like these days?

I recently received a surprise call from a former professor of mine. He was gracious and kind to call me to congratulate me on the new job. A former dean himself I accepted the condolences. It was one of those … Continue reading

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Purpose-driven or faith-driven?

Full disclosure: I’ve not read Warren’s fabulously successful Purpose Driven Live. There is a copy of it in our home as my wife was required to read it as part of a staff development team-building activity at the church where … Continue reading

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Higher Ground

Although I no longer serve as pastor of a congregation, invitations to preach come my way from time to time.  The latest instance was yesterday when I helped a Presbyterian congregation surprise their pastor with the opportunity to worship among … Continue reading

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On mentoring

I continue to be fascinated with how people are enamored with the idea of mentoring. It seems to have a romantic hold on people’s imagination. I recently received an e-mail from a friend who is a college program director. She … Continue reading

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Photoshop and training clergy

An aspiring artist friend and I enjoy occasional conversations about art and aesthetics. One on-going philosophical conversation has to do with “what is art?” This, in the context of how current and emerging technologies are changing the practices, if not … Continue reading

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Entering the Twilight Zone with eyes wide open

I recently got an e-mail from a former student who was in the middle of an interview process with a congregation for a pastoral staff position. She’d gotten news from the church that the senior pastor, who’d been involved in … Continue reading

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All I Ever Wanted to Be

Let’s begin with a confession: All I ever wanted to be was a Sunday School teacher.  Not that my earliest experiences with Sunday School were positive ones.  Actually, I can’t remember a single teacher from those early years when my … Continue reading

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